280 Different Ways to Say ‘Said’

Inspired by my previous article which looked at ‘50 Ways to Say ‘Villain’’, I began thinking about other words I tend to overuse in my writing.

The word ‘said’ is definitely the one. I’m sure it is for many of you too.

One of the most frustrating things I’m finding about starting out writing is feeling that my words aren’t sophisticated enough, that I’ve reverted back to my primary school comfort zone of ‘he said’, then ‘she said’.

Hopefully this infographic will give you some inspiration as it has for me! Feel free to save it!


If the text is too small or you want to create something for yourself, the full list can also be saved from here:

280 Ways to Say Said


Over to you

Are there other words you tend to overuse that I can create more lists for?

Let me know in the comments below!

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