38 Stocking Fillers Under £15 for Crime Fiction Readers & Writers

Christmas is nearly upon us and the scramble to find the perfect gift is afoot. What follows are 38 gift ideas that would be perfect for someone in your life who writes crime fiction, is an avid reader of mysteries or perhaps just has a healthy interest in crime, forensics and the macabre!

Even better, they all cost under £15 so are perfect for padding out a Christmas stocking!

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Literary-Themed Socks

These library card-themed socks are just so cute, and perfect for an avid reader. In fact, if you like the library card theme, check out the entire collection here including tote bags, mugs and jumpers!

Out of Print, £7.60


Pin Badges

Badges are a nice cheap gift but can be added to so many things, they are a versatile pick. You can find lots related to your favourite crime-fighting heroes, but here are a couple to get you started.

Etsy, 99p
The Literary Gift Company, £10.95


Lizzie Borden Earrings

These earrings are based on murderess Lizzie Borden, who you may know from the folk rhyme ‘Lizzie Borden took an axe, and gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one’.

Etsy, £14.14



Channel your inner sleuth with this cute magnifying glass necklace.

Etsy, £10.95



These typewriter key-inspired rings are adorable, and a snip at just £3! Perfect for budding writers!

Love Hearts and Crosses, £3



A couple of options for the guys, these adorable Sherlock cufflinks or these pen nib ones are perfect for a writer.

The Literary Gift Company, £12
The Literary Gift Company, £12


Hair Ties

These are so cute! Perfect stocking fillers for crime and forensics enthusiasts alike!

Etsy, £2.24


Sherlock Temporary Tattoos

Another cute filler for Sherlock fans! If your giftee loves reading, there is a good collection of literary-themed temporary tattoos here.

The Literary Gift Company, £7.99


Nail Decals

I love this set of 20 crime scene themed nail decals, and so cheap!

Etsy, £1.53


Toys & Games

Rory’s Story Cubes

Story Cubes are designed to facilitate problem-solving for the procrastinating writer; if you’re stuck in a rut or experiencing the dreaded writer’s block, a roll of the dice could help to spark new ideas by showing you a random choice of images relating to your genre.

Amazon, £4.99

Lego Minifigure Detective

EVERYONE loves lego. You can get these super-cute detectives, constables and even criminals for around £8-10 each!

Amazon, £8.36

Also check out Etsy seller Collectors Solution for their super-cute handmade lego characters including Dexter, It the Clown and even the terrifying little girl from The Ring!

Etsy, £6.85

Serial Killer Top Trumps

This is the perfect game for crime fans, and includes the likes of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacey.

Amazon, £7.90


Pop! Figures

If you haven’t heard of these, they are hugely popular collector’s items. They have almost any character you can think of from Twin Peaks’ victim Laura Palmer, Psycho’s Norman Bates and The Shining’s Jack Torrance!

Amazon, £7.93
Amazon, £9.37
Amazon, £10.33



For the Home

Crime-Themed Candles

There are a ton of candles out there for crime fiction lovers! These are my favourite picks, from floral to sweet tobacco to pine scents.

Good Book Hunting, £7.50
Etsy, £12.96
Frostbeard Studio, £13.67


A couple of ideas here for drinks coasters, I especially love the library card design on these first ones and the second set remind me of Dexter’s blood samples!

Out of Print, £13.67
Etsy, £6


Cereal Killer Breakfast Spoon

This is a really cute gift idea!

Etsy, £12.54


Mugs! Mugs! Mugs!

A classic gift, the mug. Change it up with some of these brilliant crime, and crime-fiction related finds!

Amazon, £9.94
Not on the High Street, £9.50
Etsy, £9.43


Aqua Notes

These are a fab gift to give a writer, as they can write their ideas as they think of them in a shower! Phew, no more lost ideas!

Amazon, £11.53


For the Office

Computer Stickers

It’s likely that, if you know a crime writer, they spend A LOT of time working at the computer. These stickers make a great gift for spicing up their working space. Check out the great collection at Amazon here.

Etsy, £3.93


Writing Magazines

You could roll up a single magazine to really fill up that stocking. I’ve included the picture here of Writing Magazine’s October edition but take a look at my review of 5 Crime Fiction Magazines for more ideas.

Writers Online, £4.99



Perhaps a little cliche but always useful!!

The Literary Gift Company, £7.95


Mini Reading Journal

I think this is a really sweet present, and it’s small enough to cram into a stocking at 13x10cm! Every single page allows you to record the title, author, start and end date, rating and there is also space for your review of the book. This is a thoughtful present for someone wanting to keep track of the books they read, or even for a book review blogger.

Amazon, £7


Pens and Pencils

Always useful, the humble pen or pencil. Change it up a bit with a biro disguised as a feather writing quill or the Nancy Drew quote pencils.

Thinking Gifts, £2.99
Etsy, £7.82
The Literary Gift Company, £5
The Literary Gift Company, £1.50



Redbubble, in particular, have an amazing collection of stickers, which your giftee can use to spruce up their notebooks (if a writer) or eReaders (if a reader).

Redbubble, £1.80
Redbubble, £2
Etsy, £4.50


Writer Emergency Pack

This pack includes 26 idea cards to help a writer out of a rut. Great for overcoming writer’s block or just for summoning up new story ideas.

Amazon, £15


Book Lights

These flexi-lights are super thin so after you’re done they double up as a bookmark! They come in tons of patterns but I thought this mummy was brilliant!

Amazon, £9.88


Book Holders

A great novelty gift, but actually really useful, this cute Booktopus holds your pages open for when you’re after some super lazy reading time! It comes in blue and pink.

Amazon, £4.94

Another useful and cheap gift, the thumb thing holds open your book and once you’re done, doubles as a bookmark.

Amazon, £1.98


Beauty & Toiletries

Agatha Christie Bubble Bar

I know what you’re thinking, what exactly does Agatha smell like? According to Etsy seller The Base Element, she whiffs of coffee and burnt sugar!

Check out her other literary-themed bubble bars including Sherlock and Moriarty and Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.

Etsy, £8.06

My Favorite Murder Lipsticks

If your giftee is a fan of the MFM podcast, I can guarantee they will LOVE these lipsticks based on famous quotes from the show. Colours such as Sweet Baby Angel and Stay Sexy Don’t Get Murdered will be a huge hit!

Etsy, £9.33


Sherlock Collage Beauty Bag

I LOVE this print, which Redbubble do for mugs, t-shirts, bags, posters and phone cases too. The print includes cartoons from his most famous cases including ‘ The Hound of the Baskervilles’ and quotes from the BBC version of the show.

Redbubble, £10


Food & Drink

Cookie Cutters

These cute cookie cutters will be a welcome gift for bakers who love crime! You could make little dead gingerbread men or these 221B cookies, Sherlock Holmes’ address on Baker Street.

Amazon, £14.57
Etsy, £5.21


Coffee Vouchers

Readers and writers alike love to spend time hanging out in coffee shops watching the world go by, that is just a fact. A great gift idea is a £5 or £10 coffee voucher. You can get these in most major coffee shops including Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Caffe Nero and Coffee#1.

An even better idea is to pair your voucher with this Cafe Writing Map – a booklet of writing prompts specifically for someone sat in a coffee shop! Check out the seller Writing Maps for more prompt map ideas too.

Not on the High Street, £4.99


Tea & Coffee

Treat your giftee to a break from reading or writing. This Agatha Christie inspired tea gift thankfully doesn’t contain arsenic, but does makes a cracking Darjeeling. I also love this beautiful Sherlock-inspired teabag set. Sadly, I couldn’t find any crime-related coffee sets but if your giftee is a writer, any coffee gift will be welcome! This artisan set contains a variety to try.

Etsy, £3.50
Not on the High Street, £9.99


£9.99, Not on the High Street



Gifts for pets!

Not wanting our cute and furries to miss out on crime-themed presents, here are some cute ideas from Etsy!

Etsy, £9.43
Etsy, £7.85


Crime Scene Plasters

A little joke present which won’t set you back too much.

Amazon, £5.66


Phone Cases

There are some brilliant phone cases that fit our theme of crime and mystery, and below are some favourites!

Etsy, £7.85
Ebay, £4.99
Etsy, £9.47

So there you have it, my round-up of 38 crime-themed gifts under £15! If you’re still looking for gift ideas, make sure to pop by my other articles in the ‘gift guide’ category for inspiration:

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Over to you

I’d love to hear from you if you end up buying something you found here as a gift! Tell me in the comments!

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