Repost: 50 Awesome Literary T-Shirts

I came across this brilliant post on ebook friendly and I just had to share it in case anyone out there is looking for gift idea inspiration.

They have compiled 50 of the best literary-themed t-shirts across the internet, and they are indeed awesome.

Having posted a few of my own compilations of gift ideas for Christmas recently, I thought I’d add some of my own favourite t-shirts I’ve found online that fit the theme of crime fiction.

After the infographic check out some of my fave crime-themed t-shirts!

And here are some I found!

Sherlock Tee @ Redbubble, £14.50
Poirot Tee @ Teepublic, $20.00
Nancy Drew Tee @ Litographs, $34.00
Agatha Christie Tee @ Out of Print Clothing, $21
Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven Tee @ Out of Print Clothing, $19.60
Sherlock Tee @ Redbubble, £14.98


Luther Tee @ Redbubble, £16.57

Over to you

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