7 More TED Talks for the Aspiring Crime Writer

If you already read through my post ‘Top 5 TED Talks for the Aspiring Crime Writer’ and are looking for fresh content to inspire, look no further than this list of 7 more talks!


Elizabeth Smart: My Story

I couldn’t look away as Elizabeth told the story of how she was abducted as a child but came to be a survivor. What an inspirational young woman.


Brian Little: Who Are You, Really? The Puzzle of Personality

A fascinating talk about the difference in traits between introverted and extroverted people, including their quirks, actions and behaviours. An interesting source of idiosyncrasies for the characters in your stories to add depth!


John Dufresne: How to Write a Story

John declares that the plot of every story comes down to this: one central character wants something intensely and goes after it despite opposition, and as a result of a struggle comes to a win or a loss. This talk has great tips on choosing your central character and themes.


Elizabeth Loftus: How Reliable is Your Memory?

Loftus is your go-to for research into misleading information when it comes to witnesses, and this TED talk is a great watch to get an idea of how a bystander or witness may get things wrong; Our brains are very susceptible to false memories. If you’re interested in some of the other factors affecting witness testimony check out my article here:

10 Factors Affecting Eyewitness Testimony


Jon Ronson: Strange Answers to the Psychopath Test

A great TED talk from Jon teaching us about what it means to be a psychopath and what characteristics they display. Based around an interesting story of meeting a real psychopath, this is an entertaining talk well worth a watch!


Scott Fraser: Why Eyewitnesses Get It Wrong

An interesting talk around reconstructive memory told through a real life case of misidentification. IT really made me think about the weight of witness testimony, and how often we may ‘remember’ events incorrectly.


David R. Dow: Lessons from Death Row Inmates

David’s talk describes briefly how a death penalty case unfolds and a discussion on the methods we could be using to intervene in a young person’s life before they commit awful crimes.


Over to you

Do you have any more TED talks you would recommend to someone getting into crime writing? Please post them below!

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