I’m Laura, I live in Somerset with my little cat Gus and my other half Ian. By day I masquerade as a civil servant. By night I read crime stories, catch Pokemon, run muddy obstacle course races and play rounders in a local league.

I started this blog because I want to learn how to write great crime, thriller and mystery fiction. From scratch.

But where does a brand new writer start? I’ve decided to start with tons and tons of RESEARCH! In my blog I am writing articles on all kinds of topics in order to help me write, including the basics of writing, forensic methods, police & criminal law, museums, events & writing festivals, getting published, crime scene etiquette and lots more!

I hope you find my content useful and that it gives you the confidence to write your own stories. Maybe you are already an established writer and can use my articles as reference tools to dip in and out of at leisure. Or, maybe you just have a healthy fascination with the macabre..!

Whatever your reason for being here, please let me know what you think and what you’d like to read more of.

My mission to write a crime story could be a complete disaster… wish me luck!!

Most of my articles have been created from lots of different sources, especially those about criminal psychology, police or forensics. All of the sources I use can be found in the Resources section of the blog. If you want to know the source for a specific article please contact me!


Where I link to a book, it will probably be for Amazon, because I am an Amazon Associate. What this means is, if you click one of my links and end up buying the book, I could earn a little commission from Amazon. It doesn’t affect the price of the book for you but enables me to earn a little so I can buy more crime fiction! I will only ever link to products I really love.

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