Crime Writing NY Resolutions: 2017

2017 brings new opportunities!

Well, first it brings a bastard hangover, but then it brings the chance to redo everything you did wrong last year.

All of my resolutions surround my new-found love of writing: writing my blog, writing crime fiction and of course my greatest love: writing lists.

I’ll tick these as I complete them!

Here they be:

  1. Get 2 guest bloggers on my blog

  2. Commit to publishing (at least) 2 articles a month

  3. Attend a crime writing conference or festival [booked onto CrimeFest ‘17]

  4. Visit a museum related to crime

  5. Complete a 30 day writing challenge: Check out my Pinterest board here

  6. Attempt NaNoWriMo in November

  7. Complete FutureLearn course: Writing Fiction [starts Jan 9th]

  8. Complete a GoodReads reading challenge: Read 40 books in 2017


So there we have it, now I’m accountable! What are your NY resolutions? Are there any of them crime-fiction or blog related? I’d love to hear them!

Happy New Year!

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