Crime Writing NY Resolutions: 2018

In 2017 I’ve managed to get through a fair few of the goals I set out to achieve back in my New Year post Crime Writing NY Resolutions: 2017.

This year I’m building on what I’ve achieved so far, and re-entering some goals I didn’t manage in 2017! Here is my list below, please feel free to post your crime writing Resolutions in the comments!

1. Visit a prison

2. Observe a court case

3. Complete a Goodreads reading challenge of 40 books

4. Take part in NaNoWriMo in November

5. Feature 10 guests on my blog

6. Attend 2 Crime Writing Festivals

7. Design business cards for my blog

8. Create a DIY writers’ block kit

9. Learn more about autopsies (Anatomy Lab LIVE booked for Feb 2018)

10. Attend a murder mystery evening


Over to you

What will you change this year to make sure you achieve your writing or reading goals?



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