Fantastic Blogs and Where to Find Them: April 2017

My unyielding search for information for this blog has taken me to some dark places; googling groups of poisons and their effects on the body, getting inside the mind of a murderer to understand why they might take trophies and looking up the most common ways people are killed in fiction.

My search does, on occasion, also take me to some fantastic, bright and happy places. Those places are blogs.

In this round up I want to shout about some of the brilliant blogs I have found squirreled away on the internet. They are a real mish-mash, but all will help you write crime fiction and all are worth following!


Killer Women

First up this month I wanted to shout about Killer Women! This site and brilliant blog is run by 18 female crime writers based in London, including names you’ll have heard of such as Paula Hawkins of The Girl on the Train fame.

The site supports women writing in this genre by way of their book club, workshops and annual crime writing festival – this year they will be setting up camp at CrimeFest in Bristol, participating in several of the panels.

The part of their site I love most is their blog, which gives us fascinating interviews, Q&As, updates on what the authors are up to including book tours and, best of all, their feature articles. Features are a great way to get to know authors better, as well as understanding their creative processes. I’d recommend reading Dangerous territory by Kate Rhodes writing on the joys of writing your location and, on writing stories set in the past: The hell of historical research and Writing the past.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Dru’s Book Musings

Dru Ann Love is the mastermind behind Musings and is an avid mystery novel fan, whose main aim is to introduce readers to the characters behind the books she reads. I found out about this blog as a result of my research into crime fiction magazines, in which Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine recommended in particular Dru’s segment called ‘A Day in the Life’.

‘A Day in the Life’ is a segment whereby authors are invited to write a short piece involving their main character and their day-to-day life. Some authors have taken this theme and run with it. For example, Twist Phelan writes about a ‘Take Your Daughter to Work Day’ with her main character Finn Teller. This gives us a fascinating insight into more of our beloved characters’ daily routines, thoughts and home towns: this blog is well worth signing up to.


Sword and Scale

This site is amazing! The design is colourful and slick, easy to navigate and jam packed with content.

It’s predominantly a podcast with nearly 90 episodes to catch up on, but it also has a TON of articles you can read on your lunch break. The style of writing on the site is accessible, interesting and often, funny. They cover true crime stories from the harrowing to the strange – their ‘bizarre’ section is my favourite: check out gems like Strangest places killers have hidden bodies and Strangest last meal requests. They also have tons of stories covering urban legends and myths (my favourite!).

Though I think the creepy, weird stories are Sword and Scale’s forte, they also do the awful famous cases well too. Either by article or on the podcast, they do their research and tell these stories in an easy-to-understand way.

I also love the fascinating articles that cover modern technology going wrong or being implicate in murder trials, this is an area sparsely covered elsewhere. Try out I would like to call Alexa to the stand, 5 crimes live-streamed through Periscope and Assaulted by a tweet.

They even have a fab recommended books page with tons of onward reading on true crimes and criminal psychology!

Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.


The Dorset Book Detective

In the interest of supporting other crime-related blogs who are quite new to the scene, my next offering is Hannah of The Dorset Book Detective. This is a brand new discovery for me but I have already nosied my way through her site and bookmarked the articles I want to read next. Her writing is sophisticated yet accessible, with regular posts to keep you entertained.

A self-confessed crime fiction obsessive, Hannah writes a mix of book reviews, author interviews, top 5 lists (my favourite) and her essays on observations on everything from modern day crime fiction to erm, the politics of hair. Check out her Top 5 American crime novels and Where have all the good private eyes gone?

Find her on Facebook and Twitter.


Over to you

What did you think of my April picks? Do you have any you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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