Fantastic Blogs and Where to Find Them: July 2017

My unyielding search for information for this blog has taken me to some dark places; googling groups of poisons and their effects on the body, getting inside the mind of a murderer to understand why they might take trophies and looking up the most common ways people are killed in fiction.

My search does, on occasion, also take me to some fantastic, bright and happy places. Those places are blogs.

In this round up I want to shout about some of the brilliant blogs I have found squirreled away on the internet. They are a real mish-mash, but all will help you write crime fiction and all are worth following!



I love the Reedsy blog. I love its slick, on-trend imaging and flawless writing: this is one you should be subscribing to.

Some of my favourite recent articles you should check out include Netflix & Write: 8 Shows That Will Make You a Better Novelist, How to Start a Story: 9 Tips From Our Editors and Worldbuilding Resources for Historical Fiction Writers. In fact, you’ll gain a lot from looking into the category perfecting your craft.

The Reedsy blog is the king of writing infographics. Pin these beauties:

Dynamic Character: How to write a compelling protagonist

Writing in Third Person Omniscient vs Third Person Limited

Infographic: 5 Actionable Social Media Tips for Authors

If you haven’t heard of Reedsy before and are looking to start writing, I’d recommend signing up to some their free e-courses. I’m currently making my way through their How to Write A Novel course but they offer tons more: navigate to the learning header at the top of the blog!

Find them on Facebook and Twitter.


Insecure Writer’s Support Group

This writing advice blog is perfect for those of you in need of inspiration and motivation to get scribbling your stories. Their advice ranges from using Excel to keep track of your stories and characters, creating the perfect book cover and different ways of writing about coffee in your story through to planning a writers conference.

Some of the best features of this site however, aren’t the articles themselves but the more social aspects.

Periodically, IWSG runs a ‘Twitter Pitch’, a chance for writers to pitch a summary of a story to agents and publishers; a ‘like’ on your pitch means you are free to contact the agent to discuss things further! Look out for the hashtag #IWSGPit… the next one is on July 27th!

There is also a monthly discuss hosted on Goodreads and an anthology you could get involved in!

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.


The Masters Review

This is a site dedicated to helping up-and-coming writers find their way, and their blog should be on your favourites list especially if you’re planning on submitting your work to competitions.

TMR is packed with author interviews and Q&As, info about up-and-coming competitions you can enter as an unpublished author (take a look at July here) as well as articles giving tips and advice. For example, have a peek at Submission Strategies and 9 Writers on Routine, Habits, and Tricks of The Trade.

The blog also includes a new voices feature where you can read a short story from a new writer, which is a great way to get reading more stories, critique someone else’s work and see what everybody else is writing in your genre. I also like their themed story collections such as Five Micro Ghost Stories.

Find them on Facebook and Twitter.


Over to you

What did you think of my July picks? Do you have any you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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