Fantastic Blogs and Where to Find Them: March 2017

My unyielding search for information for this blog has taken me to some dark places; googling groups of poisons and their effects on the body, getting inside the mind of a murderer to understand why they might take trophies and looking up the most common ways people are killed in fiction.

My search does, on occasion, also take me to some fantastic, bright and happy places. Those places are blogs.

In this round up I want to shout about some of the brilliant blogs I have found squirreled away on the internet. They are a real mish-mash, but all will help you write crime fiction and all are worth following!

Crime Fiction Lover

If you are an avid reader, and an even more avid reader of fiction reviews, you’ve probably already heard of Crime Fiction Lover.

Starting off as a two-piece and exploding into a team some eleven-strong, this blog churns out fab content at a rapid pace. If you sign up to their newsletter you’re looking at posts nearly every day, of excellent quality.

Crime fiction fans will enjoy their honest reviews of new works as well as the old by trawling back through the archives. There are also tons of interviews with your favourite authors, loads of ‘best of’ lists, new release notification pieces and competitions.

I’d recommend keeping up with this blog if you want to make sure you’re reading the latest and very best in crime fiction.

A couple of their recommended reviews include 5 star praise for story-within-a-story Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz and keeping with the bird theme, The Bird Tribunal by Agnes Ravatn.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Goodreads.


Oxford Dictionaries Blog

I love this blog! The information you learn in this blog are the sort of things you can casually announce in the office and come off sounding super intelligent. Its packed full of, well words. The origin of words we use, words from other countries, made up words, how words have changed over time, regional words, when to use a word and when to leave well alone. Also, quizzes galore.

A couple of quizzes I’ve done are: Book Titles with Missing Colours, Shakespeare in Pop Songs and my personal fave Ghost or Cat?.

The blog includes some articles on the subject of crime too, for example in their article ‘Clues, red herrings, and whodunnits: words you need to solve a murder’ they investigate some of the origins of words we commonly use in crime fiction today e.g. sleuth, red herring. You can read it here.

Every writer should have a really good dictionary and thesaurus handy, I say this site gives you that plus tons more interesting content. Pop it in your bookmarks for later.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.



This site is one of those amazing places you stumble on quite by accident, and find that several hours later you may not have written any more of your story you were supposed to, but by gum you’ve got the character names and title sorted!

This is the haven for generators. I found it ages ago and keep referring back to it when I need a little inspiration. It has every type of random generator known to man, from your run-of-the-mill character names and back stories to outfit ideas, a description of your house and robot sidekick. Of course my favourite is the Cat Generator (if only it created real cats) and I also enjoyed creating settings with the Town Generator.

The blogger running Springhole is a sci-fi/fantasy fan, which accounts for the strong focus on creating your fictional setting. This site should be your go to if you’re struggling to create a town, city or perhaps fictional place in which your crime novel unfolds. It is a smorgasbord of master lists, quizzes, tips and links to popular articles to help you create worlds. If you’re going to be making up your own location, I’d highly recommend reading the Town and City Development Guide.

I can’t stress enough that you WILL find something on this site that makes you laugh, gives you an idea for a story or at the very least happily distracts you for a while.

Find them on Twitter.


Over to you

What did you think of my March picks? Do you have any you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. OMG I was looking at this in Feb and trying to justify how I could afford to go!! It’s in Green Bay, USA and I live in the UK so I def need to save up for it but their course looks AMAZING. I’m thinking of treating myself to it for next year!

    1. True, there are so many that have helped me get started with my blog, feels good to share them!

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