Film Review: The Departed

In this new film review series I will be shouting about the films I love, but ones specifically related to crime, thriller and mystery genres. The other thing they will all have in common is aspects that I think will help you when writing your own stories in these genres.

Films that will be included will include dirty cops, gruesome murder, police procedure, plot twists, clever criminals, crimes scenes, spies and more.


A Review of The Departed

Crimes committed/covered:

Murder, drug dealing, stealing, working for the mob


In a nutshell:

Scorsese remake of Japanese cop thriller Infernal Affairs set in the city of Boston. And one of the few remakes that is an improvement.



Colin Sullivan as a young kid is taken in by Frank Costello, an infamous crime lord in Boston. He joins the police force in the detective bureau, intending to be Frank’s inside man. Also intending to join the team is Billy Costigan, who is told by Captain Queenan and Lt Dignam that he will never be on their staff, but instead can work for them undercover to try and infiltrate Costello’s gang. With Queenan and Costello desperately trying to find the moles in their outfits, the game of cat and mouse starts.


3 good reasons to watch it:

  1. Told by both sides, so you see the good guys and the bad guys
  2. Tense story, leaving you on the edge of the seat
  3. Unpredictable


Over to you

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