Film Review: Goodfellas

In this new film review series I will be shouting about the films I love, but ones specifically related to crime, thriller and mystery genres. The other thing they will all have in common is aspects that I think will help you when writing your own stories in these genres.

Films that will be included will include dirty cops, gruesome murder, police procedure, plot twists, clever criminals, crimes scenes, spies and more.


A Review of Goodfellas

Crimes committed/covered:

Murder, robbery, drug dealing and tax fraud.


In a nutshell:

The true story of Henry Hill, one of the most famous Mafia gangsters of the last 50 years.



Henry Hill works for the mob in the 1950s as a teenager. He drops out of school and quickly works his way up the ladder, eventually working for Paulie Cicero and his associate Jimmy Conway, along with hothead Tommy. The film charts his life up to 1980, covering his various misdeeds, how he copes with the constant danger around the corner and his family life.


3 good reasons to watch it:

  1. An in-depth look at the inner-workings of the Mafia – the interesting bits anyway!
  2. Brilliant characters – while it is a true story, the characters (other than Hill) are loosely based on real people but are exaggerated versions.
  3. A good adaptation of a true story.


Over to you

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