Film Review: Lethal Weapon 1-4

In this new film review series I will be shouting about the films I love, but ones specifically related to crime, thriller and mystery genres. The other thing they will all have in common is aspects that I think will help you when writing your own stories in these genres.

Films that will be included will include dirty cops, gruesome murder, police procedure, plot twists, clever criminals, crimes scenes, spies and more.


A Review of Lethal Weapon 1-4

Crimes committed/covered across the quadrilogy:

Murder, kidnapping, drug dealing, terrorist activity, stealing, counterfeit money, racism


In a nutshell:

In a nutshell: Buddy cop foursome with decent storylines, good humour and great characters.



Lethal Weapon – on his 50th Birthday, Murtaugh investigates a suicide of the daughter of a friend, while getting a new partner, the suicidal Riggs, to help investigate a case that goes a lot deeper than previously thought.

Lethal Weapon 2 – Riggs and Murtaugh get put on babysitting duty to look after a snitch, Leo Getz. But when a hitman tries to blow him away in front of them, they uncover a more sinister plot involving the South African embassy.

Lethal Weapon 3 – Days before Murtaugh’s retirement, Riggs causes problems that puts them back on the streets. While there they stumble upon an incident that leads them to a corrupt former cop selling confiscated police weapons and feisty policewoman Lorna Cole, who is more than a match for Riggs.

Lethal Weapon 4 – Riggs has a kid on the way, Murtaugh grandkids. Temporarily promoted to Captains, they start to accept they’re old, but an Asian crime syndicate come along and threaten to unravel their lives, so they roll their sleeves up one last time.


3 good reasons to watch it:

  1. Buddy cop movie – it’s not the first or the last, but in my opinion, it’s the best double act in this genre.
  2. Humour – so this is an action film series more than gritty crime, but if you want some comedy in the piece while not deviating from the storylines, this is worth a watch.
  3. Storylines – all four have good stories that are varied enough to keep it interesting. Though as said before these are more lent to action films.


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