Film Review: Seven

In this new film review series I will be shouting about the films I love, but ones specifically related to crime, thriller and mystery genres. The other thing they will all have in common is aspects that I think will help you when writing your own stories in these genres.

Films that will be included will include dirty cops, gruesome murder, police procedure, plot twists, clever criminals, crimes scenes, spies and more.


A Review of Seven

Crimes committed/covered:

Murder, torture


In a nutshell:

In a nutshell: A chilling American thriller revolving around a serial killer obsessed with the 7 deadly sins.



Detective Somerset and his new partner Mills, who is taking over Somerset’s job when he retires later that week, finds crime scenes of a serial killer who is murdering people through their own sins. Through clues left at the scenes, Somerset quickly works out that the killer is going through the Seven Deadly Sins and together they must work out who it is and how to stop him.


3 good reasons to watch it:

  1. Identifying a pattern for a murder spree
  2. Police procedures and the legality of a crime scene
  3. The suspect using techniques to avoid detection


Over to you

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