Random Cause of Death Generators!

There is, quite literally, a generator for everything! Who knew at the click of a mouse you could determine the fate of your beloved characters?

Below is the very best the internet has to offer of randomly generated character deaths… enjoy!

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1. Cause of Death Generator

Once again, fab site Springhole delivers with a randomly selected death for your character. Hit What’s the diagnosis, doc? until something fits!


2. ShindanMaker’s Cause of Death Generator!

Enter the fated name and click diagnose. Not quite as creative as others but still worth a go!


3. GeneratorLand Cause of Death Generator

Ahh, I love my result! What a great premise for a story!


4. GeneratorLand Ways to Die Generator

Slightly different from their offering above and with some questionable answers… check out my result below. I don’t know what curdled flushing involves but I know I don’t want to die from it…!


5. Game of Thrones Random Death Generator

Awww I love this show so much, and this generator brings back sad and disturbing memories right back to season one! A bit of fun but maybe you’ll find some inspiration in here.


6. The Death Psychic

Enter your character’s name, age and sex and voila! a death is created!


7. Dying Description Generator

This one is a little different in that it won’t necessarily outline the cause of your character’s death, but it relates his or her final moments. Dark stuff.


Over to you

Did you get any ideas from these generators? I’d love to hear it in the comments!

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