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Random Character Name Generators!

Surely the best part of writing is making up your character name, appearance and back story? But where do you even START with picking their names?

Is the name normal, profound, do you choose a word or colour that reflects the characters’ personality? Is the name male, female or ambiguous?

There are TONS of sites out there with automatic name generators, so there’s no point me reinventing the wheel and creating my own.

Some of the best are listed here – check out number 8 in particular!


1. The Character Name Generator

Choose your ethnicity, birth decade and sex and hey presto!

It even generates your personality type and likely career based on the Myers-Briggs test! e.g. Alyssa Ingram, type ENFP and best suited to acting.


2. Behind The Name

Let’s you pick a middle name too, and an origin country e.g. Isak Alf Haugen from Norway.



3. Spy Name Generator

More simple – just name based on sex e.g. Spy Ripley Darlington.


4. The Tough Guy Name Generator

Pick a random name e.g. Chunky Bigsmash or one based on a real name.

Also generates a bio of your preferred mode of transport, weapon and outfit choice.


5. Detective Name Generator

Simply churns out 10 random names, but they’re def good detective names! e.g. Detective Oscar Steel.


6. The Steampunk Name Generator

Just a Victorian name but also assigns a rank e.g. Air Commodore Howard Cantilupe-Numblekins. Good fun!



7. Police Officer Name Generator

Real simple but spits out several ideas at once so handy for brainstorming.

e.g. Officer Archie Brotherson.



8. Fake Name Generator My fave!!

Choose a sex, country of origin and country of residence and this generates an ENTIRE identity including star sign, logins and passwords, address and even credit card number!

e.g. Dennis D.Werner, a 30 year old Scorpio who drives a 2001 Mitsubishi Minica.


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