Random Plot Generators!

Here I am, back once again with RANDOM GENERATORS! This time we’re dealing with randomly generated plot ideas. Take a look through the list and the examples churned out, do any of these jog a story idea for you?

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1. Crime Thriller Plot Generator

You can choose to randomly generate each of the fields, or take your time to fill out details such as detective and sidekick names, physical appearance descriptions and location and you’re good to go!

Here is my randomly generated thriller:


2. Envisioner

This is a really interesting one – it generates plot ideas that are a twist on classic stories.


3. Paranormal and Weird Event Generator

This is definitely one for stranger plot lines such as ghosts, time warps and weird creatures. Keep pressing ‘Paranormalize!’ to create lots of strange plots!


4. Mystery/Crime Romance Novel Generator

What I like about this generator is the questions asked of you at the end to get you thinking about the story.


5. Horror Plot Generator

Once again, randomise your selections or pick your key character names and some adjectives to be included in the story and hey presto!

I love this story!!


6. Plot Punter – Horror Edition

Displays a plotline for your major and minor protagonist aswell as your villain in one swoop – keep pressing ‘Puntificate!’ for tons of options!


7. Mystery Plot Generator

Randomly create a mystery plot in seconds.


8. The Big Huge Story Plot Generator

Automatically gives you six plots to start with, but you could keep hitting ‘Get some more’ and view over 5.1 million plots! Though not genre specific, there are tons of ideas for crime, thriller or mystery storylines.


9. Random Plot Generator

Toggle the buttons for main character, second character, setting, situation, theme and character action until you match up your perfect storyline!


10. Seventh Sanctum Story Generator

Choose to churn out between one and ten storylines at once, with an emphasis on fantasy and sci-fi.


11. Crime, Mystery and Suspense Plot Generator

Another simple device to churn out random suspense plots. They don’t always make sense but the ideas might jog some story inspiration.


12. The Writer’s Idea Generator

Generates random story lines that aren’t genre-specific. I actually really like the idea I randomly generated below!


13. Creepypasta & Supernatural Horror Story Prompt Generator

Gives you a single line of plot for your story. Keep pressing ‘Give me the jibblies!’ to generate loads of choices.


14. Simple Plot and Random Story Generator

This one is a bit silly, but hey it’s all good fun!


15. What-If-Inator

Stephen King uses the ‘What if..?’ question as a basis for many of his stories. I love this generator!


Over to you

Did you get any ideas from these generators? I’d love to hear it in the comments!

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