Random Plot Twist Generators!

Here we go, the FOURTH in my ‘random generators’ series!

Isn’t it hard to think up good plot twists for your stories? If you’re experiencing the dreaded writer’s block, look no further than this roundup of plot twist generators from all corners of the internet. I hope these inspire some ideas for you, or at least distract you for a few minutes!


If you’re struggling with all aspects of your story, check out my other random generator collections:


1. Writer’s Plot Twist Generator

Generate a random twist in your plot by pressing the button until an idea pops up that fits with your story. Here are a couple of mine!


2. Story Genesis – Plot Twist Generator

Click the ‘random’ button to create a surprise turn for your tale. Here are my twists, some good ideas here!


3. Generator Land – Plot Twist Generator

By repeatedly clicking ‘twist it’ you will discover tons of one-line plot twists to get you thinking about how you surprise your own readers. Here are two of my results:


4. Seventh Sanctum – Plot Twist Generator

Another fantastic generator from Seventh Sanctum – this time revealing a whopping ten plot twists at a time. This is my fave generator – some brilliant ideas here!


5. Murphy’s Law Generator

Now this is an interesting generator. ‘Murphy’s Law’ is the idea that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Click ‘generate’ to discover your unfortunate turn of events. Or toggle the dropdown to unveil a positive outcome.



Over to you

Did any of these generate an idea for you? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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