Random Settings Generators!

Are you struggling to decide on the location for your epic tale? Maybe you have a name but not the detail, or the other way around?

Fear not! Behold more generators, this time giving you all the information you need to create a settings for your characters to live, love and die in.

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Writer’s Location Generator

If you are literally just after the name of a location in a pinch, this is the generator for you! It gives you a name and a brief description of the place.

City Description Generator

This fab generator creates a whole description including a name, geology, architecture and cultural information.

Create a Setting Generator

Toggle the time of day, atmosphere, weather and location buttons until you create a scenario you’re happy with. A bit basic but might help overcome the dreaded writer’s block!

Landscape Generator

A short but sweet random creation of the landscape before you. Great for sparking some ideas!

Town Description Generator

Click get a description until a town jumps out at you. Heads up that this includes races such as orcs and gnomes, but you can ignore this aspect if not writing sci-fi/fantasy.

Seventh Sanctum’s Lost Civilisation Generator

Better suited to you fantasy and sci-fi writer’s out there, but a good selection of names for places and a small description of what that place is known for.

English Town Name Generator

If you just want a town name in a hurry and don’t mind the results all leaning on the English side, check out this generator. Pick the ending of your town name and it’ll do the rest for you.

Stage Maker

Hit generate a new set of attributes to randomly generator your location, but this one is interesting. Instead of a place name you get distinguishing features about the place including atmosphere and biological/geological features of interest.

Forest Description Generator

A bit more specific, but a brilliant description is created each time of a new forest, including the species of tree.

City Generator

If you’re looking to world build on a massive scale, this generator is brilliant. You can randomise the results below but it also gives you a breakdown of professions and city layout. Best for sci-fi writers but worth a look even if not.

Random House Generator

Keep clicking create house to generate descriptions of different kinds of houses. I loved my pick below, that last line was made for me 😉

Fractal World Generator

If you are literally creating a new planet, this is a cool generator which makes a world map for you based on inputs such as ice cover.

Use their variation called the Sci-Fi World Generator and you get the added benefit of a random name, climate information, special feature and tons more.

Landmark Name Generator

I really like the idea of this, a random generator of place names that you can use as landmarks or key sites of interest in your setting. Great if you’re feeling lazy!

Random Town Generator

A quick way of drumming up some ideas for your town, giving you a hint about what it is best known for but also what the town might be hiding…

Over to you

Did you get any ideas from these generators? I’d love to hear it in the comments!

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