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Ready… Set… Blog!

Hello internet 🙂 Welcome to my new blog! My name is Laura, I’m twenty-something and live in sleepy Somerset with my little cat and better half. My question: Can ANYONE write a fantastic crime novel? Can it be taught or are we ‘born with it’? This blog is my investigation into all there is to learn about writing crime fiction: What does a crime scene look like? How do people die? How can I get inside the mind of a malicious killer? How do I name the murderer? Where do I START?!

Who will find this useful?
  • Writing newbies like me
  • People interested in crime fiction
  • Fellow writers researching different aspects of crime

Bear with me while I get some content together, I have LOTS of ideas but didn’t anticipate needing to get myself a domain, plugins and putting on a ‘jetpack’ to get myself set up!   Speak soon, Laura

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