Repost: How to Become a Secret Agent

Have you ever sat at home wondering whether you would have what it takes to be a spy or a secret agent? I know you have! So have I. I imagine myself being badass like Sydney in Alias – chatting in loads of languages, donning cool wigs and kicking ass.

But back to the real world, what training does it take to become a secret agent, to become part of the Secret Service?

While happily perusing the internet, I came across this awesome infographic created by and The Huffington Post for the release of Olympus Has Fallen in 2013. It’s called ‘The DNA of a Secret Service Agent’ and tells us the eligibility, training and testing undertaken in order for an agent to join the Secret Service.

Use this infographic to swot up on the background of your characters if you are writing a spy thriller or including details of a secret agent or the secret service as part of your plot.

Perhaps your bad guy has a background in the secret service, what might your police need to know about his training in order to protect themselves or a witness? What does their day-to-day work look like?

Save this infographic to check back on later!

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